All you need to know about keeping monkeys as pets

All you need to know about keeping monkeys as pets (3)Pets are cute and adorable. They shower you with unconditional love; help combat feeling of isolation and loneliness. Pets can be a man’s best friend. Even health studies support that humans with pets live better than those who don’t have pets. Are you interested in keeping a pet?

Have you ever thought of keeping a primate as a pet?

There are doubts about the fact that a lot of people are keen to adopt monkeys as pets, primarily because they can connect easily with humans, are intelligent and serve well to people with disabilities. The most famous among pet monkeys are Chimpanzees, Capuchins, Squirrel monkeys and Marmosets. While the Chimpanzees are like toddlers, requiring immediate care and attention, Capuchins can adapt to any environment with their intelligence. But it takes a lot of dedication to keep one as a pet, so even the breeders ensure it before putting up the pet monkeys for sale.

Things to consider before buying a pet monkey

Monkeys love to be in wild. Therefore, before you decide to keep them as a pet, you need to consider a few things: 1)      Check if it is legally allowed to keep a primate in your location. 2)      Monkeys are quite expensive, not only in terms of purchase but also in terms of maintenance. You need at least $5 a day and a cage with heating and cooling systems to maintain it. 3)      Monkeys love to socialize and cannot live in isolation. So, you need a caretaker for the monkey. 4)      Beware of fraud breeders and sellers trying to lure you with offers like “small pet monkeys for sale at a very reasonable price” or “monkeys for sale as pets absolutely free”. Always go for genuine licensed breeders or owners, preferably USDA licensed. 5)      Find a vet who is specialized to treat monkeys. Discuss possible health problems of monkeys with him. 6)      All monkeys bite! So, be careful while taking him out of the house for a stroll.

Things to consider after you’ve bought a pet monkey

All you need to know about keeping monkeys as pets (2)After you have done your homework about things to consider before buying a monkey, consider these things after you have purchased one!

  1. Provide monkey with a good cage with enough space to move around. You can enrich the cage with various toys, artificial foliage, hammocks, tunnels, etc, so that your monkey has something to fiddle around with and doesn’t get bored. Remember, an entertained monkey is a happy monkey.
  2. Supervise your monkey and get him trained. Monkeys are intelligent enough to live well with humans, but training is necessary to reduce their aggressive tendencies.
  3. Remember, monkeys are omnivorous. So, don’t just serve them meat. Allow them to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. In case, you’re unable to find primate foods, search out for places with boards/banners saying, “Real pet monkeys for sale and live pet monkeys for sale” as you would surely find this kind of food there. You can also try online websites for the same.

The problems you might face with pet monkeys

All you need to know about keeping monkeys as petsMonkeys are quite fun to be with when they are infants. But have you ever thought, what would happen once the infancy is gone? They start to reveal their character only after they reach their sexual maturity.

  1. Monkeys, if not trained can turn aggressive and after reaching maturity may act as if they are in the wild, like genital displays, masturbation and copulation. Monkeys are primarily wild animals who prefer being in herds. Depriving them of their social relationships with other primates can create various behavioral problems. In 99% of the cases, where primates are kept as pets, they get mentally disturbed as they become inadaptable to any other home and fail to gel with other monkeys.
  2. Monkeys transfer a lot of diseases known as zoonotic diseases. Several fatal diseases like hepatitis, herpes, measles and rabies come under this classification. On the contrary, smaller monkeys like Marmosets and Tamarins can even die of human cold sores.
  3. After reaching maturity, the monkeys try to establish their dominance over their masters. In this try they start attacking their human family members, which might lead you to think of placing them in other homes. Moreover, if you’re under the impression that the zoos might take up your naughty monkey then you’re highly mistaken, as the zoos are overcrowded and they don’t take former pets. That is the reason why even zoos, laboratories and breeders put up pet monkeys for sale.

Therefore, it is highly advisable that you discuss with your family members before buying a primate!

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