Everything you need to know about Capuchin monkeys and their sale

Everything you need to know about Capuchin monkeys and their saleThinking of keeping a monkey as pet? Well, the best option for you is Capuchin monkey. Capuchin monkeys are intelligent, social, and adaptable to different surroundings, and love to hang around.

Capuchin monkeys are New World Monkeys belonging to the Cebinae subfamily. Widely available in Central and South America, these monkeys were named after a group of monks, the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, as their beige and brown coats resembled the robes of the Franciscan monks.

Capuchin monkeys for sale can easily be found, as this species is one of the most preferred amongst primates that can be kept as pets. And if you are planning to buy one, then you must read this to know everything about capuchin monkeys.

Finding capuchin monkeys for sale:

Finding a baby capuchin monkeys for sale, white faced capuchin monkeys for sale or for that matter a general capuchin for sale is not at all a rocket science. All you need to know is a few things and you’re good to go. Follow these steps to make your work easier:

1)      Do thorough research on them, their growth patterns, behaviors, personality and food habits. Biggest of all considerations, run a check on your pocket to find whether you’re financially prepared to not only buy a Capuchin but also to take care of him throughout his life.

2)      Log on to genuine websites selling primates to select your desired type of Capuchin. Keep in account that prices would be very high and you shouldn’t be expecting any discounts, as the Capuchins belong to the exotic category of pets. Prefer to USDA license to check online for the authenticity of these sellers.

3)      In case, you’re unable to locate your desired type of capuchin on that particular website, run a Google search to find a reliable place to purchase from. Also, find a vet who can medically examine your pet.

Taking care of a pet capuchin monkey

SI ExifCapuchin monkeys need love, care and coddling. Therefore, you will have to be a father/mother for them. This is how you can take care of capuchin pet.

1)      Before running a check to find pet capuchin monkeys for sale, check with your local authorities whether you can legally own a monkey or not.

2)      Start with building an adequate living space for your capuchin. The larger the space is the better it would be for your pet. The idea is to have enough space for your pet to feel at home, i.e. jump and hang around. Stock the cage with artificial rocks, grasses, bushes etc.

3)      Feeding is the basic key to keep your capuchin healthy and in good mood. Since primates are omnivores, feed them with fresh fruits, veggies, eggs, etc, along with the basic primate diet. Occasionally, they can even be fed with insects like grasshoppers and crickets, along with vitamin supplements for good health.

4)      Keeping your monkey stimulated is the proper way to channelize their energies. Keep them busy with all sorts of nontoxic toys. Since capuchins are social animals they require a lot of time spending and attention. So, play regularly with them and take them for regular walks. Get them medically checked every six months.

Ways to make a capuchin monkey a good pet

Everything you need to know about Capuchin monkeys and their sale (2)Raising a capuchin can be hard. So, follow the below mentioned steps to inhibit good habits in your capuchins.

1)      Be polite as a friend, stern as a father. The pet should know that you are the owner and the master.

2)      Once he reaches sexual maturity get him neutered. This is really important because capuchins might attack the human member of the family, belonging to the same sex, in order to get attention of the members belonging to the opposite sex.

3)      While they are being bathed or when clothes are being put on them, try to keep the capuchins calm by distracting them with toys. This helps them in developing good habits.

4)      Never keep your capuchins bored because it can lead into aggression. Make sure they have ample things to play with. Capuchins are generally attention seekers and emotional animals. So spend ample time with them on regular basis.

5)      Never do things in front of your capuchin that you don’t want him to learn. This is because capuchins are likely to copy whatever their masters are doing.

6)      Lastly, get them trained to perform acceptable behavior. Capuchins are quite intelligent and learn faster than other monkeys.

All these tips might help you in getting a nice capuchin and furthermore taking a good care of them.