How and where to find cheap monkeys for sale

How and where to find cheap monkeys for sale (2)Have you ever seen a monkey in a movie? Don’t they seem adorable? On a number of occasions, people may look at an infant or adult monkey and begin fantasizing about having one as pet. They are definitely adorable, irresistible and cute. But sweet little monkeys can end up as aggressive adults.

So, if you are thinking of buying a monkey, understand that you will have to pay special attention and care to the primate. Since they are intelligent, they can be trained, for instance, capuchins are effectually trained to be with disable people with mobility impairments such as quadriplegics. But lack of love and training can cause them to develop behavioural problems.

Monkeys as pets are an expensive affair

Owning a monkey, of course, is an expensive affair as monkeys require a huge cage, security and activities to keep them entertained. Remember, don’t just get carried away by the lucrative and irresistible offers like “cheap monkeys for sale, monkeys for sale cheap” because the expense is hidden behind these sale tags.

From their medications to food habits, monkeys are quite expensive to maintain. You have to ensure that you have a variety of food to serve the primate. They can be fed with veggies, fruits, nuts and any non-toxic food substance, along with their daily primate diet and vitamin mix. A significant amount of time and money is required for routine care and cleaning.

As mentioned above, monkeys need huge space to live happily as they need space to roam around and flex their muscles. Attention deprivation and too much of energy can make them ferocious and aggressive. So, it is necessary to keep them engaged through the day with various activities.

Moreover, their huge cage has to be stationed outdoors as it’s impractical to keep it inside the house. This situation brings some more expenses, like having a caretaker and an artificial cooling and heating system to keep your pet in a comfortable environment.

Experts suggest that approximately $50, 000 to $60, 000 will be needed to take care of one monkey throughout his life. Even if you’re getting baby monkeys for sale cheap, lookout for the statistical parameters before making any advances.

How you can find cheap monkeys for sale

How and where to find cheap monkeys for saleFinding a monkey for sale can seem to be a Hercules’s task. But it’s better to search online for genuine links and get in touch with breeder and sellers, rather than going for cheaper touts. It’s always better to get complete details of your desired breed, including price quotes from various sellers and then you can decide your best option through elimination process.

Check the license of the breeder before buying a monkey, as it’s for sure that you wouldn’t want to purchase a monkey that has been smuggled or captured illegally.

Be sure to purchase only captive bred animals with proper medical records and vaccinations. Assuring these aspects would ensure value for money in near future as an unhealthy monkey, without vaccinations or from a tout can actually end up being costlier!

Most common types of monkeys you can adopt as pets

In the course of finding the desired breed of a monkey you would come across several breeders and sellers trying to lure you with offers like “pet finger monkey for sale cheap, cheap baby monkeys for sale,but they may be trying to fix you with some another breed, which costs less. Remember, not to fall in their trap, as this investment of yours would turn out into penny-wise pound foolish.

The best way to avoid being conned is to decide on the breed first. For those who are looking for an intelligent monkey, which can be trained properly, Capuchin is the best option, but if smaller size is your choice, then a Marmoset or a Tamarin would suit you the best. Following is the list of primates which can be a pet:

  1. Capuchins
  2. Guenons
  3. Macaques
  4. Marmosets
  5. Squirrels
  6. Spiders
  7. Tamarins
  8. Chimpanzees

Things to consider while buying a cheap monkey

While purchasing a monkey keep in mind the following suggestions, as it would help you a lot in the long run:

  1. Check with the local authorities whether you can keep a primate.
  2. Search for seller’s license and authenticity online.
  3. Don’t get entrapped with the fake offers like “cheap baby monkeys for sale at a very cheap price” because they are mostly put up by faux people. Choose USDA licensed breeder
  4. Check for animal’s documentation and medical records.
  5. Visit a vet regularly and have medical checkups of the monkey.