Marmoset Monkeys – Types, cost, and do they really make good pets?

Marmoset Monkeys – Types, cost, and do they really make good pets (2)Have you always fantasized about smaller, cuter monkeys as pets? If yes, then Marmosets might be an option for you. Marmosets are smaller monkeys belonging to the biological family Callitrichidae. They are native of South America but easily found in various other parts of the world.

Because of their smaller size and cuteness, marmoset monkeys are one of the most preferred primates to be owned as pets. In general, marmosets are highly energetic and bond nicely with humans. Amongst the various kinds of marmosets, the pygmy marmoset is the most commonly owned primates, as they are the smallest monkey genera in the world.

How much do you need to shell out for a Marmoset monkey?

Buying and maintaining a monkey requires a lot of money to be shelled out. The cost of pet marmoset monkeys for sale can vary from $700 to as much as $4,500, depending on the breeder. After you have purchased a marmoset you have to get him a nice huge cage that would cost around $100-$300 along with some toys and hammock priced around $100.

The major expenses to bear are monkey’s food and regular sanitary stuffs. On an average, your monkey will eat food worth around $450-$900, along with $50 of some miscellaneous expenses. It costs around $500/year on an average vets bills to keep your marmoset healthy.

Things to know before you own a marmoset monkey

1)      Check with your local authorities whether you’re allowed to own a monkey or you need to acquire special ownership license from the local jurisdiction.

2)      Before purchasing it from the breeder, make sure that the seller has authenticated USDA license to breed and sell primates. Many unscrupulous breeders put up baby marmoset monkeys for sale to earn quick cash, beware of them.

3)      Find a vet, near your place, which’ll be treating your marmoset. In case, you fail to find one, get in touch with the local zoo authorities to get some recommendations for the same.

4)      A primate at its infancy definitely looks very adorable and cute but they turn out to be very aggressive once they are sexually mature. So, always keep in mind that you maintain your dominance over your pet and provide him with utmost training.

Moreover, marmosets are emotional and social animals so, they would require you spend ample time with them on regular basis.

Taking care of marmoset monkeys:

Marmoset Monkeys – Types, cost, and do they really make good petsTaking care of marmoset monkeys requires lot of patience and money. These are highly demanding pets and are not that easy to handle. Once you’re mentally prepared to have a marmoset as your pet, you make a lifelong commitment to take care of its each and every need, along with keeping it happy and healthy.

Following are the tips to get you started with taking care of your marmoset.

1)      Marmosets require adequate emotional support and strict supervision. It’s very hard to train them if left neglected. You have to devote quite a lot of time to raise and train them. They usually need to be hand raised in order to be well domesticated. This job requires diligence and perseverance. Giving them attention and care make them extremely loving animals.

2)      These breeds are very energetic and need a large living space to jump around and play. It’s better to have a large cage embedded with several toys, towels, hammocks and plants. All these things keep your marmoset occupied and from being bored. Apart from all these, the cage would require artificial heating and cooling source to keep your pet comfortable.

3)      Marmosets can contract any disease that can affect humans. So, get them checked by a vet on regular intervals and be always careful to avoid cross contamination.

4)      Marmosets require rotating diets to make sure they are not bored of their regular ones. They should be fed with foods enriched in vitamin C and D3. Apart from the primate diets, they should be fed with fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, cereals, etc. They should be given small insects like mealworms, crickets and grasshoppers at least twice a week.

Do Marmoset Monkeys make good pets?

Marmoset monkeys are wild animals and making them house pets is not a good idea. No matter how much you train them they have their natural instincts that you can’t ever tame. Even though, with lot of hard work and dedication they can be domesticated but that doesn’t give any surety that they would act according to you. Marmosets at times throw fits and have temper tantrums. Over all, they need your time, attention, supervision, patience and love in ample. So don’t get tempted over marmoset monkeys for sale unless you have sufficient experience with training or being with animals.

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