What are the different types of monkeys readily available for sale?

Are you a pet lover, ready to turn your house over to a primate? Are you thinking of keeping a pet legally for experiments?
What are the different types of monkeys readily available for sale (2)
Well, keeping a primate – a monkey as a pet is quite a commitment. It is true that monkeys make great pets, are good for laboratory experiments and serve as service animals for the disabled people, like ones with severe spinal cord injuries or mobility impairments such as quadriplegics.
But alike every other pet, they need warmth and special care. If you are tempted to buy a monkey after reading a board saying “Monkeys for sale,” then this is what you need to know about monkeys.

Types of monkeys you can buy

Monkeys are the usual pets. Therefore, it is great to know about their habits and behavior before buying a monkey. For instance, if you want intelligent monkey then Capuchins are the great ones, as they can be trained to fetch and manipulate objects and for personal care. They are turn out to be excellent house help.

But for those who are looking for smaller ones can go for Marmosets or Tamarins. Below is the list of monkeys that can be used as pets or experimental resources:

1)   Capuchins

2)   Guenons

3)   Macaques

4)   Marmosets

5)   Squirrels

6)   Spiders

7)   Tamarins

How to buy monkeys

Having primates at home is difficult and keeping them as pets for personal or laboratory purposes is a serious commitment. Read on to know how you can buy monkeys-

1)   Check if you are legally allowed to keep a primate. Some states prohibit keeping monkey as a pet.

2)   Research extensively for their habits and care. Some of them need a cage with additional heating and cooling system.

3)   They, monkeys, should be kept busy to channelize their energies by indulging them in some regular activities, otherwise they can be destructive when bored.

4)   If you know someone with a monkey, ask them about the behavior and special needs of monkeys.

5)   Monkeys are expensive to maintain. Therefore, ensure that you know a good vet and have proper finances for maintenance.

6)   Lastly, lookout for a reputable and trustworthy breeder who has a proper license to sell monkeys. Just don’t get carried away by fascinating websites, shops or offers saying “small monkeys for sale, baby monkeys for sale, finger monkeys for sale”.

7)   Do your homework and then buy one.

Where to find monkeys for sale

What are the different types of monkeys readily available for saleGetting a monkey is not like taking a stroll with a dog. They are difficult to locate and purchase. Check out these online stores if you want to find good species of monkeys for sale:-

1)   Primate Store: Dedicated to monkeys, this store is filled with pictures and different breeds of monkeys. Therefore, you can find your favorite breed here. The online store also has several treats, foods and toys for monkeys.

2)   Go Pets Online: The site isn’t primarily for monkeys, but you will generally find Capuchins, Tamarins and Squirrel monkeys for sale here.

3)   Animal Web: The classified sections run ads like cheap monkeys for sale, trained monkeys for sale, etc.

4)   Pets4You: This website has a list of primate breeders along with their contact information, so that you can contact them for your desired breed and getting its details.

Things to consider before buying a monkey

Apart from considering whether you can take care of a monkey, there are few other things that you must reflect on before buying a monkey.

1)   Always buy directly from the breeder whom you can meet in person. Check the breed. Know whether the breeder has genuine license. Ask him questions regarding care and maintenance of the monkey.

2)   Prefer to buy a monkey from USDA licensed breeder.

3)   A good breeder will always ask you about how you plan to raise and care about your primate. Always check if the breeder is truthful about the facts like age and medical history of the primate. Asking questions will help. In case, you find it shady, turn away.

Remember, no matter which type of monkey you buy, make sure that you supply him with abundant love, care and affection and avoid them from turning hostile.

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